Why you can’t be blonde in one appointment

This is a problem that we see time and time again in the salon, a lot of clients don’t understand why their dark hair can’t be made blonde in one appointment. There is a multitude of reasons as to why you can’t have blonde hair in one appointment, and most of those reasons are because of the laws of color. You can’t defy the basic rules of coloring without completely ruining your hair. If you decide not to listen to what your stylist is saying and you think in your head because you had that one friend of a friend who did it, don’t be surprised when you don’t turn out blonde.

A scenario we feel needs to be addressed is the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s hair, because I know you’re reading this saying well I just saw Kylie go from dark hair to platinum in one sitting. Or you’ve seen Khloe’s hair go from dark to light etc etc. So first I’ll start with Kylie’s hair. So I actually just read an interview with her stylist so I know exactly what the process was to make Kylie platinum in one day. Now lets start with the fact the whole process took 9 hours, and that is quick to make someone so light. Now upon reading what her stylist did to achieve this look the first thing she said was Kylie is not the normal person’s hair because normally it would take months worth of multiple appointments to make her that blonde, but since Kylie had mostly uncolored hair except on the very ends, it made it a little easier to lighten her hair. Her stylist said she lightened her multiple times to achieve that platinum look and was surprised by how fast Kylie’s hair lightened, as this is not normal for a lot of people’s hair. Although her stylist did do everything she could to maintain the integrity of her hair if you look at pictures of her it is clear there is some damage there, which is no faulty of her stylist but is just what happens when you bleach someones hair over and over and over again. Now if you’re reading this and thinking you could totally have a hair stylist do this for you, here’s a few things you need must also know. Kylie is in the salon every 2 weeks to get a toner on her hair. A toner basically does exactly what it sounds like, to achieve that light and bright look Kylie’s particular toner is put on to cancel out any yellow tones still left in her hair. Another big thing to know before you call and book your hair appointments, 9 hours of time equals big bucks in the salon no matter what area you live in. As stylist’s we have to charge for our time and for how much product we use. Multiple times of lightening and toning equals lots of and lots of color plus hours of your stylist’s time where they could be taking other clients, so make sure in your consultation you get an estimate of how much your hair will be, but don’t be surprised if it ends up costing more.
Now onto Khloe’s hair. I think everyone keeps looking at the most recent pictures of her and not remembering where she started. She always had dark hair and then it kept gradually getting lighter and lighter. This is because of the fact that it happened over a long period of time with multiple appointments. Though I haven’t read anything from her stylist I can see the process it took to make Khloe as blonde as she is. The way her stylist did this over time really made sure the integrity of her hair was protected so it always look healthy. This is more likely what most people would have to go through to get to light blonde, so expect this for an answer from your stylist not the Kylie Jenner answer. Truly this is most likely going to be your best and safest option to keep your hair healthy and always looking good, so in most cases I would say go for this option. If you’re patient you will get there I promise.


Source: www.purpleflair.com

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