Stylist Spotlight – Molly Brown

About Molly:

Growing up she was a typical girly girl. She loved playing dress up, hair, and makeup. House and babies were her next favorite game, but still in that she was a working mom. Her career was being a Cosmetologist. She had her vanity and fake makeup and curling irons. Her sister and her would also play beauty shop. Her sister would let her come into the salon and pick out her outfit and then do a fancy princess bun with butterfly clips all around the bun.

A little about Molly as she grew up, she was born in Kansas. She moved ten times and finally landed in Tennessee for high school and college. She went to MTSU for two years majoring in Psychology. She was interested in caring for others all through high school. She took part in many missions and wanted to continue doing things for others so she decided she would become a clinic psychologist. After two years something was still missing. She noticed she was leavingmolly1 out a huge part of her life, which was fashion and beauty. She went to the Academy of Makeup Art to try to fulfill that dream. She finished that program and found herself being most interested in event makeup. Every one of her clients who wanted event makeup they also wanted hair as well. Molly went to expand her skill set by attending Paul Mitchell The School Murfreesboro. She had finally combined all of her passions of servicing others, therapy, and beauty.

Why Molly enjoys makeup?

She likes to go by this Quote : “Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is an Art. Makeup is a passion. Makeup is expression.” She believes makeup is much deeper than just loading your face up with tons and tons of products. Its about what is going on in that clients life at the time. Ladies get their makeup done for several different types of occasions. Women get their makeup done at their happiest times in their life such as weddings, proms, baby showers, dates, holidays, and parties. And on the other hand women get their makeup done in times of need such as funerals, bad days, breakups and when they are feeling down and need to spice up their life. Makeup artists are here in all those times for our clients. Kat VonD once said “Makeup is part of my daily routine. It’s the time in the mornings when I can concentrate on me, and me alone. Giving yourself the kind of attention is so important – and is something that is definitely glossed over by too many women.” Molly, as a makeup artist, wants it to be more about how she makes the client feel at that particular time in their lives, than about the makeup that they walk out with. She was the happiest she could be when she got the chance to make her career and passion become one.

Why Molly Loves Jane Iredale?

Growing up Molly loved makeup, but at a young age she had acne skin. She was very stressed about having that nice, perfect skin. She finally got it under control. She is now very sensitive to  what she puts on her skin. Jane Iredale was tested to be a non-irritating and non pore clogging product. By using Jane Iredale, Molly knows she is using great products and is a true extension of skin care. Jane is also very consumer friendly. Jane says “Our Mineral foundations will make your life simpler too because they provide four important functions in one foundation, concealer, sunscreen, and active skin care benefits.” Molly also finds all the natural ingredients in the products very beneficial. She is also is starting to look for janeproducts that include spf that way she can start caring for her health at a young age. Jane Iredale has a whole line for the fight against cancer. The skin cancer foundation recommends, regular use of Pure pressed base, Dream tint, Lip drink, Powder-Me Spf, and Amazing base as effective UV sunscreens. These products can reduce the risk of skin cancer, overexposure to sunlight, sun-induced damage to skin, and premature ageing.

Molly’s Go-to Face Routine

1. Absence Oil Control Primer – This product is made with kelp extract and green tea leaf extract. It helps prevent skin and controls sebum.
2. Balance Hydration Spray- This product is made with orange essential oil, orange peel extract, Grapefruit peel extract, and Green tea leaf Extract. All the natural extracts feeds the skin and sets the mineral for a long lasting makeup application. It also helps balance the skins PH and oil production.
3. Liquid Minerals- this product is made with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10. This foundation is a tinted serum with an airless pump of liposome’s.
4. Active Light under eye concealer- This product is made with titanium dioxide, boron nitride, and Buckwheat seed extract. The Buckwheat seed extract may help to reduce puffiness. Molly uses this product as a highlight, because it has refractive properties.
5. Pure-Pressed Mineral foundation- This product has zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and boron nitride. She uses this product for her spf and setting her active light concealer. This product is also water resistant up to 40 minutes. It has antioxidants such as pine bark extract and pomegranate extract minimizing UV damage.

Molly’s favorite Products

The Highlighter Pencil – This gives amazing lift and hides unwanted hair if its been awhile since last grooming. The pencil also comes with its own sharper as well. Balancing spray is also Molly’s other favorite product. She wears it with no makeup, over her primer, and on top to set her minerals. It’s also a great refresher for your skin at the beach, lake, and or hiking. Her go-to lipstick from Jane Iredale is the shade Rikki. If she is feeling a little more color she will add lip fixation in the shade Cherish. lispticksWhenever she is on the go and doesn’t have time for makeup that day, she takes her Refill-me brush with Powder-me spf, that way it’s a mess free way to stay protective from sun damage. If she is on the go and looking for a bit more coverage, she can also refill her brush with amazing base foundation.

Molly Brown is one of the many talented make-up artists that Bombshells has. Be sure to come by our salon and let her give you a complete make over using many of her favorite products! You will not be disappointed with the Jane Iredale products and your skin will look and feel flawless.

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