“A job isn’t just a job. It’s who you are”

Bombshells hair studio and spa isn’t your ordinary salon. Everyone works as a team by having effective communication, a positive attitude, and supporting each other.

“We employ, train and mentor professional hair stylists, skin experts and massage therapists so that your experience at bombshells is unmatched,” Says owner Michelle Williamson.

The salon provides ongoing education by offering seminars, professional classes, and special events to our service providers. A couple of upcoming events that we are extremely excited about are taking place in San Diego and Las Vegas! Travel and do what you love! Bombshells supports each individual to accomplish their goals in becoming a successful service provider.images-3

Working at bombshells hair studio and spa has made an impact on several of our employees. All of our service providers have worked in different salon environments, but what keeps them at bombshells is the atmosphere, clients and most of all the people they work with. We would like to share a couple of our service providers experiences working here and how they accomplished their goals and grew as stylists.

Stacy Freeman (2 1/2 yrs at bombshells) – stylist, makeup artist, and assistant salon manager. “Finding a salon that fits you can be hard, but when I walked in to bombshells I knew this was the place for me to grow my business. I’ve had my fair share of working in a few types of salons and new what I wanted out of a boss. I wanted someone who would care about me as much as I did about their business, someone who wanted to share their knowledge about business and marketing, someone who 11225450_10204681916157095_6143349416368760248_nwanted their stylists to grow and continue their own education, but also someone compassionate and caring. Michelle Williamson is an amazing boss and has helped me grow in so many different ways. Bombshells hair studio and spa offers an amazing environment for you and your clients to feel welcomed and at home.  Within the first year I had worked with bombshells my numbers had doubled from my previous salon! With the skills Michelle shared with me on how to take my business and make it my own, I have tripled my growth in the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been here. If you are wanting to be apart of a team that is hard working, compassionate, supportive, educated, and determined then Bombshells is looking for you!

Bethany White (2 1/2 years at bombshells)- stylist and makeup artist.  “My name is Bethany White, I am a hairdresser at Bombshells HairStudio and Spa. My mother, Michelle Williamson, is the owner of this inspiring salon. In which case I have been working here since she opened the salon, I started out doing the laundry and making sure everything was cleaned. During this time I was still in high school, where I started my hair education in the Cosmetology program offered at Oakland High School.unnamed-3

Did I always want to do hair? The answer to this question is no. Ever since I was a little kid, everyone always tried to relate me to my mother and wanted me to follow in her footsteps. I felt as though no one saw me as my own person, so I tried to make my own expectations. I became interested in theatre and performed in a few shows throughout my teens, although I believed I was going to be a “star”, I had to realize that my true talent always came back to the beauty industry. I would always partake in the hair or makeup in the plays and musicals, formal hair/makeup, and I was the star student in my cosmetology class. I learned that doing hair and inspiring others to do what makes them feel beautiful is what keeps my passion growing for this industry.

Nothing is more satisfying in a hairdressers world, than pleasing he/she’s clients and having them say, “No one has ever made me feel as beautiful as you do.” Most people don’t get to hear that they are beautiful and such an amazing person until their monthly appointment with their hairdresser. I have a few clients that crave to come sit in my chair and just “let loose”, drink a glass of wine, and just have their time away from the real world. The most gratifying part of my job is my clients, yes I love doing hair and making people feel beautiful, but I love being inspired by each one of my client that sits in my chair. This is what I live for everyday.

After I finished Cosmetology School, I started working as an apprentice under my mother for further practice and to make sure I was ready to continue on the salon floor by myself. Working day to day by mom’s side was challenging but also rewarding, since she has taught me everything I know. I can say I’m extremely blessed to have such a wonderful educator as my mother. People think that since my mother is the owner of a five star salon that I get everything handed to me, but they are very wrong. I work just as hard if not harder to prove to everyone that I will create a successful business on my own. Of course I had help with growing my clientele just by listening to all the steps Michelle Williamson gives for growth. With only being 20 years old, I have already accomplished my first year goals in only seven months and will continue my five year goals by the end of 2016. The greatest advice for anyone to succeed in life is to work hard for their dreams and set high expectations for yourself.

Working at Bombshells has created the best environment for any service provider to establish a successful career and maintain a steady clientele. Mom doesn’t make it easy for a stylist or spa service provider to retain clients, she coaches them in a way that has proven significant growth and to reach for their goals. I made sure to follow the steps of going out and finding my clientele: using online social media(Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat), going to community service events to pass out my cards and put a name to the face, and being sure to send emails, letters, or quick texts to see how my clients are doing or needing an appointment. I have seen the most growth in my personal business through social media and by making a statement through our Bombshell page. Working here at Bombshells is definitely the only salon that makes sure that you are taken care of, and the management rolls create a leadership for the other stylist to make sure they are reaching their goals as well. One thing is for sure, you will be pushed to succeed at Bombshells and will never be able to fail with the help of Michelle, my mother. I stated earlier that I had reached my goals for a year with in 6 months and this was based off the amount of services I have done, which is over $36,000. My five year goals were $40-$50,000 in services and I’m already about to accomplish these goals. Only being 20 years old and having a year and a half on the salon floor alone is pretty unheard of, but I was only able to fulfill these goals with how hard Bombshells has pushed me to EARN everything I work for.”

Our team is highly compassionate, eager to learn, and supportive of one another. We help each other out when obstacles arise and want to see each other prosper.
The greatest part of our team is the sole leader, Michelle Williamson, who believes in each and every one of her employees.  She wants every service provider to accomplish their short term and long term goals. Michelle is a boss that will push you to your limits, because she knows you can and will achieve them. il_570xN.729174927_isjyOur service providers love what they do and want you to love your job too! We are currently looking to expand our team. If you are interested and want to become a part of this exceptional team, come by our salon and drop off your resume!


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